Dr. R. Blaine Lehr, M.D. and Dr. Zann McMahan, M.D. at The Dermatology Clinic, Inc. are pleased to welcome you to our practice. We want all our patients to fully understand their health issues so that they can be well-educated and informed decision makers. We know how hectic life can be. We are committed to making our practice convenient and accessible. We want you to feel confident that when you choose The Dermatology Clinic, Inc., that you’re working with physicians and staff who are qualified, experienced and caring. We are focused on caring for your skin and YOU.


Instructions for Office Visits During Coronavirus Threat


We are implementing the following strategies to protect both our patients and our staff during this time: 

  • Surfaces will be kept disinfected as much as possible.
  • Any staff with fever, cough, or other suspicious symptoms or possible exposure to a coronavirus patient will not come to the office.
  • All staff will wear masks.

We ask our patients to: 

  • Wear masks at all times except during the time the area under the mask is being examined.
  • Not to come to their appointment if they have been experiencing fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, malaise, fatigue, loss of taste, loss of smell, or other suspicious symptoms.
  • We will ask patients who are actively coughing to leave the office for everyone’s safety.
  • Not to come to their appointment if they have had a possible exposure to a coronavirus patient.
  • Print out the appropriate insurance, financial and medical history forms PATIENT FORMS. Fill them out before your visit, and be sure to bring them with you.
  • If you are a new patient, please bring copies or email us (contact@OKCDermClinic.com) photos of your driver's license (or other I.D.) and photos of the front and back of your insurance card.
  • If you are an existing patient but have new insurance, please bring copies or email us photos of the front and back of your new insurance card.
  • Telephone the office (951–4949 and then press 2 for receptionist) from your car when you arrive in the parking lot. We are asking patients to wait in the car rather than the waiting room. We will call you when we are ready to have you come in.
  • Patients should enter the building by themselves unless the patient is a minor or requires a caregiver.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, no one can guarantee a coronavirus exposure might not occur. 





Patients can utilize teledermatology if they prefer. Please understand that teledermatology is not as accurate in regards to diagnosis. If you are interested, please email relevant photos to contact@OKCDermClinic.com. Please include:

  • New patient or patient of Dr. Lehr or patient of Dr. McMahan
  • Problem you are experiencing
  • Location
  • Duration
  • What caused it, if known
  • Associated symptoms such as itch, burn, pain, bleeding, etc.
  • Condition worsening, improving, or stable
  • Anything that makes it worse
  • Anything that makes it better
  • Treatments you have tried and your response to them. Please give specific medication names

For medication checks and refills include:

  • Name of medicine.
  • Any problems with the medicine.
  • How well it is working
  • If not working well, please answer relevant questions as noted above.

Instructions for better photos using a phone without a macro lens:

  • Use indirect sunlight.
  • Hold your phone very still.
  • For close-up photos, hold the phone 3 to 6 inches away from the skin. Zoom in to magnify the photo as much as possible. By maximizing the zoom to magnify the photo, the phone will be able to focus better.
  • If you are photographing a specific lesion or spot, use a ruler or a dime next to the spot in one of the photos for size comparison.
  • Take multiple photos from multiple angles.
  • For rashes, include photos from all relevant areas.

We will contact you after reviewing your email. Appropriate teledermatology charges will apply. Medicare covers teledermatology. Commercial coverage is not consistent. If insurance does not cover the visit, a $50 dollar fee will apply.